WTB GFC for Ram 1500 5'7" bed

I’m looking for a GFC that would fit a 2014 Ram 1500 crew cab short bed (5’ 7"). Let me know if you have something available. Thanks!

I was about to point you to the listing for #507, but I think it may be too long, it might squeeze on though. Exterior measurements are 23" from bed rails up to the cab overhang. Cab to tailgate is 70.5". Bed rail to bed rail across the tailgate is 66".

I think you’re right. The numbers are close, but not close enough. It would be an expensive gamble. Thanks for the help, though.

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I am being forced to sell my new GFC installed about a month ago. Never been slept in and garage stored. It’s white with orange frame. Roof rails and doors on both sides. Paid 8500.00 currently on 1500 Ram Rebel

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It’s a V2 GFC? Any additional info on specs other than already stated? Where are you located? Thanks,

I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t know. It’s an XL #1052. It was installed on my Rebel short bed a couple of months ago here in StGeorge Utah. It looks really good on the truck. I plan on removing it and storing iin Salt Lake City next week. It’s absolutely new. Has never been rained on. I’m happy to exchange emails and provide pics. Don’t know how much to ask for it, but if your truly interested I’ll give you a good deal. My nephew called me about it today but I don’t imagine he can pull it off. You can email me at rb.reber@gmail.com.

I’m not sure if you are still selling your GFC or not, but I am interested.


Looking through thread if you hadn’t found an option already I just put a post up that should be your exact needs

I bought a used V1 back in November.

I saw yours, it looks nice. The Ram 5’7” bed GFCs are hard to find second hand.