WTB GFC for Tacoma Short Bed

Looking for a GFC for a 2nd gen Tacoma short bed. Ones for 3rd gen are not compatible as GFC pointed out. Thanks.

Want a version 1 or 2 with at lease one side door for tent.

Willing to drive up to 600 miles from Missouri. Can bring one guy with me to help move it over to my truck. I realize this is somewhat a long shot, but I am in no hurry to buy.


Welcome to the forum, Andrew! While similar, the 2nd and 3rd gen Tacoma campers are not cross compatible. We wish you happy hunting, but please note that our current lead times for are just 8-10 weeks. Feel free to hit us up at support@gfcengineering.com if you need more info.

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I’m selling one but out in Nevada.

Thanks, I thought I read they are cross compatible somewhere else.
I would love to buy a new one, but I’m not ready to take another trip/vacation just yet. :+1:

Skifishbum, If you find yourself on the east side of the rockies, hit me up. :+1: