WTB GFC Superlite, V1, or V2 PNW, Idaho, Utah

Repost from before. Ended up selling my tent I had previously and couldn’t figure out how to edit it.

Preferably looking for a Superlite but would consider v1 or v2 for the right price.

I am driving from Boise to Portland this weekend to help move a friend so if you are in Portland, Bend, Idaho, or somewhere close let me know.

Looking for spend $1700-2000 on a superlite or 2500-2700 on a V1, $3000 on V2.

Feel free to email me at dan.barreto@live.com

Thanks everyone!

I’ve got one in Salt Lake City for sale!

I’d buy yours if you’re willing to ship. Thanks!

I have one in Bozeman MT used once with mattress, sheet, and fly blocks and poles for $1800.I will be making a trip to moab next week and could bring it and meet anywhere along the route from moab to bozeman probably next wednesday.

I ended up buying a tent. Thank you for all of your messages!

Hey I’m looking into getting a gfc. I’m up in Boise right now. Is yours still for sale?