WTB: GFC Tacoma Short Box

Located in Calgary, Alberta. 2008 tacoma short box

Cash in hand. Willing to travel.

Please let me know what you’ve got.


hello Flyon,
I have build # 294, bought new August 2019.
it is mounted on our 2003 Tacoma dual cab.
two weeks ago, I flipped our beloved Tacoma on it’s side just south of Calgary and the truck will now be a parts donor.
the camper was damaged with two door hinges breaking off, 4 of the 8 lift struts damaged, and some minor scraping on the top edge. it is so well built and triangulated that it is still good, though the truck is not. if you want a look, come see us in Nanton, about 45 minutes south of Calgary. I was going to find another old Tacoma, but we opted for a 2000 4Runner instead. so, the wonderful camper is for sale. my email is agtfree1@hotmail.com give me a shout ! cheers, Ken


Email w info sent.