WTB GFC V2 - 3rd gen tacoma long bed

Long shot - but anyone selling their V2 for a 6’ tacoma bed (access cab/extended cab)?

With lead times allowing for February installations or deliveries, we strongly suggest getting a brand new camper that fits YOUR preferred options and build. Given that most campers sell for close to MSRP or more, it might be worth submitting that deposit asap to avoid the $750 price increase in 2022.

We’re happy to walk through the process, just let us know. Otherwise, we wish you happy hunting!

Nice work with the lead times, GFC.

I didn’t “like” the long wait back in 2019, but it definitely gave me the time to devote hours upon hours of daydreaming about my buildout/accessories.


Thanks for the kindness. We’ve been hard at work, so it’s good to hear folks are stoked about the efforts we’ve made.