WTB: GFC V2 for 2.5 gen DC tundra 6.5' bed. AZ or surrounding area

Looking for a GFC V2 for a 2.5 gen (14-21) double cab tundra with 6.5’ bed. Want grey tent fabric w/ side doors. Trying to find something within a day’s drive of Flagstaff AZ.


I have the one you-
It’d be a solid day drive but doable!

Looks just about perfect, but I’m gonna hold out for one with front and rear windows. I forgot to put that in my post. Thanks!

Sounds good, I have one on my gmc with windows. I like both, nice to keep my gear hidden though

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Hey, I have one in the Houston, TX area. It’s for a 6.5ft F-150 bed. If the dimensions are similar, it could work out