WTB GFC V2 for Chevy Colorado 5ft bed

EDITED HI everyone, I am looking for a GFC V2 for my Chevy Colorado ZR2 with the short bed. I’m located in Ventura County however my truck is currently in AZ which will be brought out to CA in the next couple months. Would like to get a unit with most options however let me know what you have. One thing I can tell you is I DONT want the orange tent fabric.

Had one lined up and the seller sold out from under me with no communication. :frowning: So, I’m on the hunt for another.

Am willing to travel for the right unit. CA, AZ, NV maybe OR. Please let me know if you have anything for sale. Thanks!

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Hey @TMPerry - Before pulling the trigger on any “cross compatible” options, give me a bit of time to confirm this one with our engineering team. Happy to provide confidence there if that’s indeed true, but I’d hate for a deal to go through without double checking that as an option.

Thanks for the patience!

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@TMPerry - Alrighty, just got some word back from our engineering team on cross-compatibility between your Colorado and the Tacoma DCSB. Unfortunately, the Tacoma bed is quite a bit wider than the Colorado, which means the camper could not be mounted as intended. The cab rake angle on the Colorado is also a lot steeper, so fitment issues at the cab would another be an issue.

In the end, each of our campers is designed to be truck-specific, taking into account precise measurements like bed length, width, cab height, and rake angle. While we understand there have been rumors floating around about cross-compatibility with other truck models, it’s essential to ensure a proper fit and safe connection. Attempting to mount a camper intended for a different truck might result in fitment issues or even jeopardize stability, and it for sure voids our warranty.

We want to make sure you have the best camping/off-roading experience without any risks. So, we highly recommend sticking with a camper designed specifically for your Chevy Colorado ZR2 to ensure a solid fitment. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out.

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Hi @Thayne, man I appreciate this. I swear I called customer service a few months back and was told that some trucks (specifically Toyota DCSB would transfer to the Colorado SB) however, now I am doubting what was said in the conversation. :joy:

This is great information and obv needed so I will stay on the hunt for a Colorado SB specific camper. Goin to see if I can edit my post.

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Hi @TMPerry – I know you want to avoid the orange tent though my v2 is available in Santa Cruz if you change your mind. You might ask GFC if it’s possible to swap out the tent materials. I use the camper in standing desk mode and the orange fabric seems to keep the interior brighter (which I like) than the grey fabric.

hey @ptvans - actually that was something I was going to find out. Been meaning to contact GFC about it.

Actually, maybe if I tag @Thayne he’ll be able to tell me. Is the fabric replaceable and what does that cost?

Here’s a post for my v2, also may not be your flavor but she’s loaded and
Priced to sell :call_me_hand:t3:

Hey @TMPerry - That depends on whether or not you’re upgrading to a tent with side doors.

Not to upsell you here, but if you’re comfy with the cost, I suggest adding them for the views and side ladder access. I have to admit, I use the side doors and ladder just as much as the transform-a-floor, and it makes access in/out at night so much more convenient. Plus… the views. :face_holding_back_tears:

Here’s the cost to switch + labor if you don’t DIY:

  • Either Color, No Side Doors - $750
  • Either Color, Side Doors - $1050.00
  • Labor - $100/hr

If you have any other questions, let me know or give us a call.

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Still looking? I am selling mine

yes do you have links to pics?

Yup here’s a link to my post in the marketplace section

If your still looking, I have one for sale on my 2022 zr2 5ft bed for sale

I have a GFC for sale from my 2022 Colorado 5ft. All options with dark fabric . Many extra with it if interested let me know. Thank you

@KennethCounts where are you located?

I may be interested in selling my camper. I have a V1 with front and rear window options, upgraded mattress, 3x beef racks. It does not have orange tent fabric. I also have a Martin half roof camper rack that I have now installed. Located in Mammoth Lakes,CA. Contact me at (760) 492-4961 if you have any questions.

Can you post some pics of it? Really lookin for a V2 but can consider the 1. Side windows/doors?

I’m in north Texas but will travel, I have a place in Colorado.

@KB_aspect do you have pics?

@Thayne can installation be done by someone who is handy?

I’m currently selling my v2 camper. Colorado short bed. You should be able to find my posting on the forums.