WTB / ISO 3rd Gen Tacoma Short Bed Build Spot or Completed Build

Looking for a V2 for my 3rd gen short bed (5ft bed) Tacoma. I’d take either a build spot (Ideally something that’s already had the options selected so the install date is sooner) or a completed build that someone is looking to sell.

My ideal options are black panels, all tent window/door options (I’m open to any color of the tent), and rear panel window with break light (I believe this not optional for a Tacoma build).

If you’ve already got a V2 for a 3rd gen Tacoma short bed that you’d looking to sell let me know! I’m based in LA. I could come out as far west as Colorado for the right option.

Let me know what you got!

  • Danny

hey there, My build spot #3161 is slated for early July, you could probably just take my spot! Details; 3rd gen Tacoma, 5ft bed, front & rear windows, cab windows, tent color tangerine, cab color: black. (All of this can still be changed)

@njhall54 did you end up selling your spot?