WTB: Looking to buy full truck set up! Cash ready

Looking to buy any 4x4 truck that has a full XL GFC already on it. Color, brand, make, or model does not really matter. Preferably a little newer year and under or around 100k miles. Let me know what you have! I can have cash ready and I’m willing to travel to you! I am located in Seattle WA.

Feel free to email me info and pictures - ianboudreau18@gmail.com

Thanks for your time.

How much are you looking to spend? there is someone selling a nice unit on expeditionportal with an AT habitat.

Just messaged him! Thank you

But looking to stay below 40K

I’ve got a 2020 Colorado CCLB with a brand new v2 camper, Duramax Engine with 30k miles that I’d be looking to get rid of at the end of the year. I’m looking for $45k though. And obviously not a full size truck or XL

Looking to buy sooner anyways! But that sounds like a good set up, enjoy it!

being he is asking 82K probably not what you want :). Market is crazy right now. I was offered $60K for my truck that I paid $50K 10 months ago.

Below 40k or 100k? Big difference.

I think he is saying under $40k and under 100k miles.

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yes sorry should have worded that better, under $40k and preferably under 100k miles

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It is crazy right now, just sold my stock F150 for stupid profit

Have a 2009 tundra double cab SR5 4x4. 112k miles with GFC XL v.2 installed. Also has the Decked drawers installed in the bed. All stock except for stereo system. Moving to Sacramento, CA soon though and will need the truck through the end of July at which point I’ll be taking offers. Whats your timeline?

Free free to email me! id like to get some more info from you! ianboudreau18@gmail.com send some pictures if you can too!

Bump! Still looking! also feel free to send any ads you see on other site, currently looking on 4 main sites.

Grab a high quality tent* and some water-resistant totes* for your truck camping gear, toss them in the back of your pickup , and head for camp ! When you get to camp just set up your camp kitchen on the tailgate, pop your tent, and you’re ready to go .