WTB Platform RTT or Superlite will travel

Located in Austin, TX

I’ll be driving from Austin to St. Louis, MO and back at the end of October. I can easily travel through Arkansas or Oklahoma between Texas and Missouri. Willing to travel a bit out of the way if needed

Got one for sale in Minnesota if you are looking to extend your roadtrip :grinning:

I think I saw your FS post, unfortunately that’s a little further out of the way than I was hoping to travel

Bump. I’m currently in Missouri and willing to drive a couple hours to meet (Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri). I’ll be heading back to Texas around November 5th. Arkansas and Oklahoma are easy side trips.

I’ve made my trip from ATX to StL and back with no luck finding a rooftop tent along the way. I’ll be traveling to SanteFe, NM later this month if there are any sellers along the way!

Still looking? I have a V1 platform RTT in SoCal and am on here researching prices on the secondary market.