WTB Reservation


I would like to buy a reservation that is already in production or that is going into production soon. Preferably, something within December (2019) - March (2020). I am open to used units if one is looking to sell and it is in excellent condition with the updated components. I am somewhat flexible as I am open to a standard or an xl camper for my Tacoma Trd Pro or Raptor. Let me know what you have!


Hi SVTFordRaptor,

I have one for sale but it won’t go into production until May 2020. You pick options in March. Let me know

Thanks, but I am looking for something sooner. So I am going to hold out until I find it.

Do you still have build spot for sale?

Blake, if you still have your production spot for sale, might you give me a shout? 423-280-8599.
Thank you,

Hey Guys sorry I haven’t replied. The spot sold a while back. Although there are so many spots up for sale I’m sure you’ll be able to find one!


I have an available queue slot. #818, build imminent. They are asking for color selections now as of the first of the month. I have decided to go another route so would happy to sell the slot to you for the $500+ your offer. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

Yes. Can we discuss this in detail?
Please give me a call when you have a moment.
-Caleb Zarzour

Hi all- Spot #818 has sold!