WTB: Rreservation

Looking for a GFC Reservation if anyone is trying to sell, let me know.


I have #810 that I would sell for $575. The $75 extra is to make up for another reservation I bought at that price.

I’m going to sell #626 because I bought an earlier spot. It’s a $575 XL spot but can be changed to a Standard spot when specs are choosen and the extra $75 can be transferred to the balance. Going to list this soon, so LMK if you’re interested.

#626 slot still available or sold ?

Sorry, I already sold it. Good luck with your search!

#810 is available but I am sure you are looking for something sooner.

I have spot 741 for sale. $575 which is what I paid.

Is your 741 spot still for sale?

I am interested, looking for an XL buy May, still around?

Spot 741 was sold some time ago with it’s own ad in the marketplace.
Sorry for the confusion I forgot this was posted inside of another thread.