WTB: RTT or Camper for RAM 1500 6'4" in Canada?

I know it’s a stretch, but you never know. Would love to get my hands on a Platform RTT with universal mounts or if the stars aligned an actual Camper for my 2014 Ram1500. I know you’re out there looking for a new home. It’s just too naked.

I’ve got an orange frame, black panel XL camper off a 6’4" Ram bed that may be looking for a new home here soon if you’re interested.

I very well could be interested. Where you located? How much? Any pictures?

@tforbee I see in your other ad that you’re in Montana. May be tricky getting it over the border in this current climate. But still curious about my other questions. Pics and Price?

Still in the hunt for a camper for my 2014 Ram 1500 in Canada! Would also go with an RTT as an alternative if anyone is looking to part with their set up.

Hey getting ready to sell my camper xl. Its on a Tundra doublecab, so 6.6 foot bed. Actually it might be 6.5. Would have to do a check if it would fit. Ill have it posted here within the next week, but can shoot you pics earlier. Its black with custom black frame. Aluminum extrusion roof racks with a 100 watt Renogy system. Fitted sheets and extra cut out 1" mattress topper. Just got the new embassy hinge installed. I live on the Canadian border in Whatcom County (Washington). Not sure where your at in Canada? You can look at some pics on our instagram page @PNWpeakseekers

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Sent you message, check your inbox.

Little bump here…still in the hunt for a Canadian looking to get rid of their RTT or Platform camper for a Ram 1500 6’4" box. C’mon, you gotta be out there for the love of…

Another little bump here to see if any Canadians have an XL or a spot they’re looking to get rid of.