WTB: Standard GFC Camper – CLOSED

Are you looking to sell your reservation? Have your plans changed and do you need to delay your camper purchase? I’m looking to buy your spot or even trade with you if preferred!!

I’m already on the list and slotted for Summer 2021, looking to move up a few months to better align with my own moving/life plans when I’ll be be closer to Montana.

Cash is on hand and ready to go. Stoked to join the GFC Club. Thanks for reading!

Edit: Closed! Snagged an earlier reservation.

Awesome I just got mine and love it. Hope you find a faster build. Noticed that you work at hipcamp! My brother in law Andy Zinsser use to work there :slight_smile:

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Wild! Oh I know Andy, we sat right next to each other for a year, there were only a handful of us there at the time.

If you live near him we’ll have to compare campers when I come through town next.

Congrats on your new camper!

Purchased an earlier reservation. Thanks y’all!

I live in Seattle and travel a lot for work into Montana. If ever in Seattle drop a line! :slight_smile: