WTB Superlight in south

Hey guys looking to buy a Superlight somewhere in the south or east coast I’m located in Middle Tennessee and willing to drive a good distance to pick up. Please let me know.

I have one in Michigan for sale with the ladder - $2,000.

I would be interested. My email is Hblocker21@gmail.com

Hey I have a never used Superlite w/mattress available. Willing to negotiate price. I’m located in Oklahoma at the moment.

Any interest?

Hey man definitely you said Oklahoma at the moment are you moving around?

Hey yeah I’m a travel nurse so I move around every couple of months, unsure where I’m headed next. I’m in Oklahoma through the end of March though.

Bump willing to travel!

I am VERY interested and located in TEXAS. Please text me, 214-454-9021

He already sold it that’s why I’m still looking lol