WTB: Superlite East Coast (DC - But willing to Drive)

Hey all,

Looking to buy a Superlite that you ordered and have decided to part ways with! Will take with or without accessories. I’m based in Washington, DC, but work takes me on 1,000 mile trips every couple weeks to PA/OH/NY so I’m happy to drive to come get it (or meet half way :slight_smile: ).

Not sure if I get notifications for replies here, but feel free to e-mail me as well:
My e-mail is just: [my full name] at gmail.com (full name is in my profile)


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As much as I don’t want to I’m going to sell the Superlite I just got in November and mounted in December. Job circumstances have changed since I order this in Feb 2021. I’m in King George, VA. Not too far from you at all. RTT, ladder, and mounting hardware (including what I had to buy to make it work). Asking $2000.


Hi Mike - Is your tent still available? I am interested and not too far from you. Thanks!