WTB Superlite mattress

Looking to buy a superlite mattress. Thought the exped megamat would work and it doesn’t. Mattresses are not available. Please let me know if anyone has one they’d like to sell. Thanks

What was the issue with using the Megamat? Couldn’t get the tent closed when the Megamat was inflated? I have the Superlite mattress and was considering using my Megamat for the added comfort but even with the Superlite mattress I’m not sure I can fit a sleeping bag in there and still get the tent to close. My tent just showed up the other day and I’m still figuring it out a bit. I’m not sure if my honeycomb panels are misaligned in the sleeves but everything just doesn’t seem to fit together correctly. Still trying to figure out if I have a manufacturing issue or just user error.

The megamat works okay it’s just a little wide so it puffs out the sides some. And I can’t store a bunch of extra stuff in there. It’s like 4 inches or so wider than the superlite mattress and 4 inches shorter. If you end up wanting to sell your superlite mattress I’ll definitely take it off of your hands. It’s just a looks thing for me with the megamat. You can definitely make it work. When fully inflated the megamat kinda puffs the tent out slightly. I’m sure the GFC mattress does the same

That’s with the megamat in there


I’ll buy your megamat?

Let me see if the wife will want to part ways with it. We also use it in our pop up camper too