WTB Superlite on the West Coast

Anyone wanting to part ways with their Superlite on the West Coast? Preferably SoCal if possible. Please let me know. Thanks :call_me_hand:t4:

Still looking? Unfortunatley I am in NorCal but considering getting a different platform

Where about? Road trips are always fun.

Sent you an email! Look forward to hearing from you

Not sure how to send an email through here? What city in NorCal are you located?

In Norcal wtb superlite as well

I live in Montague, CA. I have the

Offset Brackets

I didn’t get the ladder as I already had a rear hatch ladder. The superlite is just a bit too long for my current load platform so it hasn’t been used yet.

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In Seattle, WA. Potentially selling Superlite with quick release me if interested.

Still available? If so please let me know

I’m interested in a Superlite in Seattle. Let me know if you’re selling.

I am going to be selling my Superlite, purchased in May, 2021. I am in the Seattle area. I have the tent, ladder, mattress, and mattress sheet. I have used the tent 10 nights throughout the year. It has been stored in my garage in between trips. I just got back from a trip and was going to post sometime next week. I am going to list it on the forums for $1500. It’s in like new condition.

I’m super interested, and am in the Seattle area. Can I come check it out sometime this week?

Hello @Avio - yes, I am not available tomorrow (Thanksgiving) but should have times throughout the weekend. Do you want to direct message me a few times that work and we can work something out, I am in Issaquah. Thanks.


I am also interested in your Superlite. If it does not work out with Avio i would like to come look at it.


Hello @afrench. Thanks, I will let you know.

Hello @afrench, the Superlite has been sold.