WTB - Superlite Quick Mount Locks (2 or 4)


I am looking to buy some locks for the the Superlite quick release mounts. Did you buy a set of 4 and realize you only probably need 2? I’ll happily take a couple off your hands! Want to sell all 4, I’ll take that too!

I bought the quick mounts, but have been unable to get ahold of the locks and don’t see them showing up on the website after months of waiting. Love the quick release mounts for convenience, but they aren’t very useful when I risk losing my superlite if I leave my rig out on the street or at a trailhead for a day or two while backpacking.

I am located in the PNW just outside Portland, OR. I am happy to pay for shipping if you aren’t nearby. Just shoot me a message and we can figure out the cost and everything else.

Thanks! :metal: