WTB Tacoma V2 reservation

Interested in purchasing a reservation. Will consider paying a premium. Im currently #1969 and looking to move up.

truck: 2021 tacoma LB

I have production #1394 that is scheduled for April production. $600 and It’s yours.

I’ll take it!!! 214-957-2820

If its still available I’d be interested in taking it or trading my July spot for it if you want.

spencerchumbley@gmail.com / 414-499-5435

Pm sent. Haven’t heard anything. I’ll purchase.

Is it sold? Mediry_1@yahoo.com

Yes, build spot 1394 is sold, to me!

Thanks for highjacking my thread Rch7697. Class act.


Lol 1394 wasn’t meant for you buddy. You’ll find another spot, good luck :+1: