WTB: Truck with GFC in PNW

My Sienna was totaled. Looking for a truck with GFC as a replacement. Not married to any particular truck, but needs to seat 4 comfortably and 5 at times. Open to a lot of options, so budget in the 20-75k range. Can pay cash.


Sorry for your loss but what an upgrade. Any pics of the totaled Sienna?

I’ve got more pics somewhere. It’s a 2011 AWD Limited with 70k miles. Still has another 150k miles in it. Replacement value of the car is closer to 25k.

And it’s totally driveable. Bill to fix was 18k. If I could get new backglass for the rear hatch and a quarter panel, I’d call it good. The shop doesn’t seem to want to fix it assuming I’m able to buy it from the insurance company.

I was planning on putting in a Journeys 2" lift for a little more offroad clearance. Love this damn van.


Selling a 2022 Power Wagon with GFC V2 and OVS awning if you’re interested. Would be willing to ship / deliver to PNW from MT. Feel free to DM.

Ended up buying another member’s local F-150. Thanks for the offer, looks like a really cool truck.

2022 Ram 2500 6.4 4x4 with a V2 attached.