WTB: V1 Tacoma Long Bed

Still on the hunt for a v1 for my '04 Tacoma.
Close to Montana in the next few weeks would be awesome. I’m moving East in a little over a month though, so if you’re somewhere between Montana and the East Coast I bet we can make something happen on my cross-country move!

Gotta V1 for a 6’ tacoma–available later in summer–located in northern cal–$6k

Thanks for the reply! How much later in the summer would it be available? We move in 5 weeks :grimacing:
If it might be available by then, could you send a few pics whenever you get a chance?

We bought another unit that will be ready sometime in sept .
We have trips on the books till the 2nd week of august
I would ideally like to keep the GFC untill we make the switch but am definitely flexible if someone is a serious buyer.
We are the original owners #115 ? or so— love this thing but just need more room now.


This was originally on an 01 tacoma --then a 2007 tacoma–I have the mounting hardware for taco
same fit for colorado just different mount

Looks great! I’d want to get confirmation that it will work with my ‘04 just because I’m nervous to spend a few K for a not great fit. I’ll do a little thinking and get back to ya soon! We’d need to pick it up the first weekend in August. If that doesn’t work with your summer plans, totally get it. We’ll just be on the other side of the country after that.

first gen tacoma was what this was originally on—it fits perfectly
That timing could work but it would have to be aug 1-4
we are located in Mariposa --(near yosemite)–I have a gantry here at my shop so the switch would be simple

sorry that is a 00 not a 01–the same size bed as 04

Ok…I’m super sad to say I don’t think we’re gonna make it happen to get out there for your GFC. Breaks my heart to miss out on the chance! Cali is just a bit further than we can realistically drive with our tight timeline. Sorry for the time-suck; I thought it was gonna work! Such a good deal!

No problem—Let me know if things change
Enjoy the move (as best you can)

regards Stu

Thanks! Happy rest of summer!

Hey Stu, I am super interested! Will you please contact me? 661-607-1253