WTB V2 Camper for Jeep Gladiator - SOCAL

Looking to buy a V2 Camper for my Jeep Gladiator. located in Orange County, CA and willing to travel within reason to get one if necessary. Thank you.

Hey how’s it going. I have a V2 camper with the normal black coloring, window in the back, and orange tent panels. No other accessories. In great shape. I’m in Ventura County/Los Angeles County. I’m trying to decide whether moving on from it or purchasing the Rapid Topper clamps and camper stand as a way to remove/reinstall the camper regularly. It impacts fuel economy tremendously haha and my gladiator is my daily commuter to work. Let me know if interested!

Thank you. Shoot. I just purchased the topper and went that route instead of the camper as a new one just came up. Appreciate it. I will be getting the 80lb Inspired Overland Carbon Fiber RTT if you decide to move off your camper set up and want similar functionality. It’s my daily driver as well. Best, Chad

Hi there! Are you still interested in selling your V2 camper? Looking for one for my ‘22 gladiator. Thanks!

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