WTB V2 for F150 5.5’

I’m looking to buy a platform camper for my 2011 Ford F150 with 5.5’ bed.
Willing to make a road trip anywhere for the right camper (located east coast, willing to drive west coast, midwest, TX)
Jan 2024 update: Still looking for a GFC!!

Strongly desire tent side doors and at least a rear window. Solar panels or other accessories would be a bonus.
Also looking into a platform with drawers inside the truck bed in case anyone’s looking to offload their whole kit :slight_smile:

Prefer black panels

May also consider buying a new truck, if anyone is selling a truck with a camper. We love our black F150, but she’s getting more wear and tear issues.

Selling a ford raptor and GFC if still interested in a whole rig. PM if interested.

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Messaged you!

Just posted one today. Everything you want in Idaho

@Brittany I’m in the process of creating an ad to sell my 2017 F150/GFC V2 setup. Let me know if you’re still in the market!

Where are you located?

Bump! Jan 2024 update: Still looking for a GFC!!

Hey guys,
Are you still looking for a camper? I have a v2 for my 2013 f150 short bed. I have been thinking about selling.
Let me know if you are interested.

Hello! I think I have exactly what you’re looking for. I have a post up on here selling my 2014 F150 5.5ft GFC. Specs are as follows:

-Bought in 2022 directly from GFC
-Updated locks
-Olive green shell
-Tangerine tent
-Front and back windows on the shell
-Side doors and screens on the tent
-Laser engraved serial number
-Like new condition

Selling as I’m getting rid of the truck. I also have a drawer system in the bed I’ll throw in for free, if you’re interested. Located in Boulder, CO. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!