WTB V2 XL april/may build offering $1,200


Looking for a V2 spring build for a new power wagon. Offering $1,200.


Hey Graham,

I’d be willing to sell you my spot, #1151. It can be used for a standard or XL.

Hi Kr,
Which month does that correspond to? Graham.carlson@gmail 303-641-5608


Someone else bought #1151. Still looking to buy an early spring build. Will pay $1,200.

Try Facebook GFC owners page. I was searching here for a couple of weeks and within 24 hours of posting on FB I had multiple offers! I paid premium but I’m looking forward to a May build rather than August/September.

Will do. Thanks for the tip!

In build #1440 April - I have an opportunity to but an off market house so text me and we can figure something out. 480.678.1310