WTB - XL Build Spot (Found one)

Deleted - found a build spot.

While you may get a response, the build requests are frequent and when a spot does come up, go very quickly. With GFC bumping up lead times substantially, it may be worth it to just put in your deposit now and wait and see if someone could maybe trade.

Just an FYI too, when spots do come up, there is sometimes a bidding war and those spots go for well above the deposit.

Mine is for sale although might not be as early as you’d like.

Deleted - Found a build spot.

Thanks Peter, but your spot is a little higher in calendar year than what I am looking for right now.

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Does anyone have a build spot for transfer (sale) with a February or March 2021 date!

Deleted - I found a build spot.

what # did you purchase so you dont get later start date offers?