WTB XL GFC....cash in hand

Looking to buy an XL. Going on my Silverado 2500 but from what I have read one for a Dodge should work. Let me know what u have, cash in hand and ready to travel

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Is there a discussion post here that talks about cross compatibility between XL vehicle types?

Not that I’m aware of…

Hi @upsguy, I wasn’t planning to sell mine until next Spring, earliest this November, but may be willing to sell my XL Camper (plus rack and fitted bed sheets) built for my Chevy Silverado 1500 6’7 standard bed earlier. Are you able to wait? Also wondering where you are located. I’m in Montana.

Please PM me if still interested. Thanks.

This XL build is in perfect shape - Black panels, grey bars, both windows, fitted sheets, racks with Yakima round bars.

Just got some photos today so I can market it. I actually bought the 2018 Silverado for the GFC and it has averaged 19.7 mpg over its 56k Miles. Could sell the whole thing, truck + GFC, for slightly better price than $7k GFC. Line-x coated truck bed.

Uploading: 54264FF7-E2D4-4816-B59D-6CDCD2535501.jpeg… Uploading: 3E6A5BD6-449F-44EA-863B-F05F4BE30D36.jpeg… Uploading: 5495DFB0-3569-45E9-A8BE-059792C531D9.jpeg… Uploading: 8E2C0964-B08A-4F14-8B11-30B1A2955767.jpeg… Uploading: 1F5991A6-0449-4914-85DD-C516F1ADD5EC.jpeg… Uploading: 7D9BD700-D78D-41FC-951C-B82BFAC41FB6.jpeg… Uploading: 734466E4-97EF-4DCC-A0A6-F740D7484634.jpeg…

I sent you a PM. Definitely interested!!

Got one!! Thanks guys