WTS Superlite $1800

Selling my GFC Superlite. It’s available beginning 15 April at which point I’ll be in Utah before heading south and then to Georgia. Happy to make a quick off-course trip to deliver the tent to a serious buyer.

No issues what with it all all.

4x Quick-Release latches sold by GFC
3x GFC Locks (for when 1 just isn’t enough). :rofl:

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Is Tahoe too far out of the way for you? I can come meet you in Reno or somewhere more convenient for you too.

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Would you be willing to sell just the quick release latches? Shoot me an email at jdenning97@gmail.com, please.

If New Mexico is on your trip south and back to Georgia I’ll buy it

Unfortunately yes. That’s a full day drive and possibly more each way.

Not right now, as they are being sold with the tent

I’m also in Reno, but may be willing to drive out to SLC… depends on your route?

Pending sale for rent in NM. Will update once sold.

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I’m in SLC and would buy it if the sell falls through. Let me know.

I’m in Durango and could meet up if you still have it.

If you make it to Georgia with it, I am interested and ready to buy.

Do you have some photos you could send