WTS V2 gfc for ram 1500 with 5 1/2 bed with interior lights

I picked up my gfc in June and have had it on my truck until recently when I had to sell my truck to pay for bills. DM for questions and photos. I have grey panels with tangerine canvas with 360 netting/doors. Asking $8500 and open to offers. Pic album https://imgur.com/a/EmqAvEO


Any idea if there would be any size issues for the 5 1/2 bed between ram 1500 and ford f150?

I am not 100% sure but I think the major difference is the way the panels contour to your bed. I would reach out to gfc or check the forum to see if any one has done something similar.

Will do, thanks. Where are you located?

Mpls MN. Located around 10 minutes from downtown.

What year was the Ram 1500 it was on? 2019 or newer? If so, could you pm me some pics.

It was a 2018 lmk if you are still interested.

What are you asking for it? Do you have any couple of pics available?

Thank you!

I am asking for 8500 and I am open to negotiating.

Updated post with pics and price

What’s the tent look like? Options?

I dont have any pics of the tent open but it comes with the gfc mantis claw ladder and 360 netting/doors