WTT Alucab setup for gfc

Looking to trade my gen 3 Alucab with all 3.1 upgrades plus a alucab canopy with an ammo slide for a 3rd gen dcsb Tacoma for a gfc within 8 hours of NC.

I will add cash depending on condition of gfc and options.

Also will sell my setup for 6,500

Alucab canopy includes ammo slide, and tent includes a 140 watt solar panel

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Would also pay just cash if anyones got a gfc for a dcsb tacoma for sale may be willing to driver over 8 hours if the deals right.

Also looking for goose gear delete for a Tacoma with factory sub, rear goose gear or similar build out for rear.

Any pictures? Where are you located?

I’m located in Charlotte nc.

I’m in Oregon, pretty far away…… are you going to a GFC?

That’s the goal or a pacific x1 whichever i find first.

Yeah you’re basically as far as it gets lol. That’s why I put I’d be willing to drive 8 hours within NC figured that’s a decent enough area to hopefully find something.

Sell you mine for $8000. It has all the options and I’m in the Indy area

Thanks man just sent you a pm.

Still looking would really like to make a deal before winter hits.