XL Camper Spot #1215 - SOLD

Hey everyone,

I have a spot 215 for an XL camper available. Situation has changed and I’ll be unable to use the camper as anticipated. Looking to get the deposit of $575 back. Estimated build date was moved from May ‘21 to Feb’21.


I might be interested! I am spot #1390 but looking to move up. I am chatting with one other person but if that doesn’t pan out I would love to grab this spot.

is this still available?

Hey everyone, thanks for the interest!

Just to clarify it’s spot #1215, NOT 215. Looks like I fat fingered/missed a digit in the body of my post. If you’re still interested let me know and we can get moving on details. Sorry for any confusion!

Edit: the spot is still available!

I am still interested.


Looks like the sale fell through. Just received an email from GFC asking for info about the truck. This spot is still available and moving closer to production!

I will take it. Pm me in the morning and let’s sort out details.

Beat me to it. Had to wait on the moderators to approve me.