XL Spot 1935 available for order now

SOLD Travel restrictions causing me issues right now. This spot and invoice are available now. $575 was the deposit so I’ll just need that back plus any fees depending on paypal, etc.

Hi! What is the expected build date for this spot?

Actually no idea, how do you check? I didn’t receive a notification from them and I emailed them last week. Got word back yesterday that they have been waiting on me to pay invoice.

@Jandref321 Is it possible to change build spot to a standard? If so, I’d like to buy it.



@Jandref321 I Just talked to the folks at GFC. They said a transfer from XL to standard is no problem. I’m all in to buy your spot if its still available.



I will buy your XL build 1935.

The spot is SOLD now