XLNDR Raptor Build


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Shit what is that track system in the bed?

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Did you use aluminum rivnuts or just bolts to mount the Ltrack?

Used stainless through bolts with nuts and washer on backside.


10-4, looks great. Have almost identical design setup with the ltrack, although waiting on another length of track for final install.

That’s a nice setup. Any more details on that power setup?

I’m also interested in the power setup - is it a dual battery system?

Key Elements:

Go Fast Camper, no windows, side tent doors and 3x beef bar top rack bar add-ons. Lightspeed inflatable mattress for added comfort with easy in place inflation/deflation, electric blanket for warmth (tested into the 20f range to date with excellent results. Teens prob ok).

ADD Stealth Fighter front bumper with smittybuit 12k winch; 40” OnX6 Baja Designs dual control light bar, S8 ditch lights. ADD intercooler upgrade and relo with adaptive cruise bracket.

Protection: SDHQ weld-on sliders, Fouse skid plates incl rear diff skid.

SVC rear bumper with mild frame bracket trim and body work trim for rear departure/clearance enhancements. Spare relocated to bed and exhaust pipes terminated after resonator and turned down. Massive clearance gains. BD S2 rear lights tb installed. 4x4truckled harness—all light from them, good service.

12VDC Electrical: Renogy 50a Dc2Dc Charger 0Awg from starter battery. 6AWG to: 100aH AUX AGM battery (lipo upgrade coming); 2kw zantrex inverter; and a sweet eBay compressor. All protected with weather proof breakers.

L-track (7 runs) secured with stainless through bolt hardware. Various attachment types.

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That ADD bumper is one of the best looking fronts available . Looks great on your truck.

Very nice work thus far. I also have a freshly GFC’d Gen2 Raptor. I’m interested in your future suspension plans (if any?). My truck is our go to family rig for Mom, Dad and 2 sub 4 year olds in the back seats. I want to keep my truck safe, comfortable, dailyable, but also as capable as possible. I’ve been researching a mild suspension upgrade to accommodate for the extra full time weight of the GFC plus the freqenent camping and people weight.

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I am loath to switch to icon or deaver leaf springs. The inroad ride makes this one of the best long distance vehicles I have owned (n=40+).

I just off roaded the whole setup recently. At 20psi in on all four corners the stock suspension was super plus on the washboard tracks. Huge improvement over unloaded.

With the factory bumper delete and moving the weight of the spare forward of the rear axel, I am only .5” compressed on level ground, rear suspension over empty. I have about 500# in the bed so far, but the center of that mass is forward the rear axel. Again, with bumper delete removing leveraged weight from behind the axel, I might be ok as is. I really want to preserve stock ride quality—it’s perhaps the best long haul hiway vehicle (comfort, ease of driving) I have ever owned. Similarly with the front bumper replacement, I’ve not lost measurable ride height in front (<.5”?), too.

Used LP6 brackets in different than intended orientation to mount 2x Baja Designs XL80S.

Nice solar setup.

I have 4 kids!

Again, I’ve prioritized retaining stock suspension. Any deviation from factory onroad ride quality would be a shame.

LOL I don’t know why you are SO against improving the suspension. Does the Raptor ride great on-road? Yea, it does. But the rear end also kicks out to the side on every major bump/uneven surface that hit you while driving on pavement and you also get TONS of wheel hop as the truck puts down all that power to the wheels. Leaf springs would minimize those problems. I have not mentioned any of the benefits for off-roading and carrying heavy payloads when upgrading the leafs. The factory leaf springs are garbage and are the same ones used on standard F150s. You spent quality money for all your other mods. Pony up and upgrade the leaf springs and bump stop kit to get the best performance on and off-road. Having a proper bump stop kit is also an added benefit if you are going to be doing any serious off-roading and cycling through your suspension. The factory rubber bump stops are a joke when compared to a proper FOX, ICON, or KING 2-2.5” bump stop shock. SDHQ, RPG, SVC, and so on would all tell you the same thing.


I know this topic is a bit old but wanted to give my two cents. I’ve got a '19 SCAB that I’m building up for camping adventures. I installed eibach spring up front and now have Icon RXTs in the rear. The difference between the stock leafs and the Icons is remarkable. Even at their stiffest, the option 3 setting, the ride is about a million times better than stock. They are just better in every way than the stock leafs. I tow quite a bit in the summer and wanted all the up-rated weight capacity so I went with option 3 in addition to an RPG lowering shackle. I’ve heard similar things from the folks that have installed Deavers as well. The truck just works better now, honestly its the way it should have come from the factory.