ZR2 Cab Half Rack?

Looking for a short rack that will fit in front of my GFC. Do they exist?

None exist that I am aware of.

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Depends on your rig. For Tacos, there are a number of manufactures; Prinsu Habitat, Frontrunner Slim Line, and there are others. I’ve been considering for my 2nd Gen Taco with an SP. Go through this and check the websites listed: Top 15 Roof Rack Options for the 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma

With the built in clearance for a stubby antenna, I would imagine most racks would fit underneath the GFC. The Prinsu looks like it would fit with a reported 1.9" taller than roof center, but mind you our frames flex a bit more than others, so you could run the risk of a collision.


This is a great option if you have a taco: CAMPER RACK (2005-2021 TACOMA DC) — MARTIN OFFROAD

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