1,800 miles from home and this happens!

Left Colorado earlier this week on a 4 week trip down to Florida and then onto Texas. Made it to Florida and my rear panel breaks off with no warning. This was a June 2020 build after the hinge change was made. If you have the latest rubber hinge don’t think it’s safe like I did. I now have a truck need loaded with gear, generator, coolers, etc… with no way of securing it over the next 3 weeks and have to stuff a useless rest panel in the back. These toppers are way to expensive to have panels pooping off them. I’m glad it didn’t come off at 75 mph on the highway earlier in the day and kill someone behind me. I was aware of the problems they had with panels coming off but was convinced they took care of the problem. I always opened and closed it with two hands and handled it with kid gloves. This is a heads up for others driving a time bomb down the road. On a positive note the third brake light wire is a tough so

n of a gun, that’s what kept it attached to the truck.

Can you see what broke? Hinge hardware, securing hardware, 80/20 track. Sucks to be sure just looking for an explanation to help see what might be going on. Best of luck on the rest of your trip.

Failures, while part of life, still suck.

Man that is some bad timing on the hinge failure for sure.

Until gfc can sort you out maybe try a fix like this to save your trip. Even if you have to drill a few holes in the panel it would be worth it for the security for your gear, and the embassy hinge flange would cover the holes after the fix. I’d bet GFC or Gzilla could next day you some tnuts to a post office ahead of you.

Good luck man and don’t let it ruin something as rad as a 3 week road trip!


Sorry about your luck. I can’t find it now but I thought somewhere in the “hinges” thread I read where GFC sent someone a temp fix kit for a situation like yours. I’d email support and call them 1st thing Monday morning.

Is this the new hinge too?!

No the newest is the embassy hinge which is all metal. This is still the living hinge

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It’s no the metal hinge. It’s the latest version of the rubber/vinyl version that was not suppose to break. They aren’t any better then the originals maybe not as good seeing how it only made it 7 months before failing. I’m guessing that is why they went to metal hinges.

Do you know where the hinges were sourced and what nut will fit in the tracks that can be sourced locally. Looks like I’ll be buying s screw gun and drill bits.

you will need gfc actual track nut. its a specific size unfortunately.


What dshaw said.

I haven’t tried it but I don’t see why you couldn’t take a flat file and file the head of a bolt down to match the shape of the track nut. Would be some work for sure. Also Home Depot rents tools so you could maybe just rent a drill.

If it were me in this situation, I’d open the side doors, fix the rear door in place with duct tape, and get in touch with GFC before getting too crazy with drilling and repairing… I would be concerned about the GFC warranty if you get too aggressive with a semi-permanent fix. They are pretty helpful. Ask them how to proceed before doing anything that you may regret.
That’s my spare change…



What part of Florida are you in? I have a couple of the track nuts that I could spot you. Let me know if you need help. I am in North Florida.


Wow a build from June 2020 and it breaks off like that. Last Summer I was convinced that hinge failures were isolated to early builds or random but then mine broke. I was wrong. GFC should send out their Band-Aid kit to every single person who has the old hinge.
Is GFC currently allowing anyone who wants to have their 0ld hinge replaced do so in Montana? If not seems like they should.


I had my older hinge proactively fixed in Montana back in November. After a couple emails back and forth I had an appointment setup for the following week. It was easy for me because I’m a 7 hr drive away.


I’m in Orlando for the next couple of weeks. I’m going to call GFC’s Monday morning and see if they can overnight some down. If I get in a jam I’ll get in touch with you. I definitely appreciate the offer!

Sounds good. I am in St Augustine, which is just less than 2 hours from Orlando. If you wanted to meet half way near Daytona, I could do that whenever as that is about an hour from me. Just let me know.


Give me a shout if you need some help. I’m up in Jacksonville, FL


I appreciate the offers of help and advice. Good to know there are still great people in the world. Ill see what GFC recommends Monday morning. I’ll post their advice. Going to need it pertains for the rest of the trip. My concern now is the side panels failing next while traveling over the next few weeks.


Being a newb it’s great to see a community forum that step up to help! Following to see what GFC does.

I called GFC and the receptionist wants me to send pictures to
their email. Now waiting for an answer. I was hoping someone would get on the phone and give me some advice.