100 Series Landcruiser RTT mounting options?

I’m getting a new 100 series and it comes with the rhino rack pioneer platform.

Planning on slapping a gfc on top but before I do am wondering what the lowest profile option is?

Something low profile for the rhino rack or if I sold the rhino rack what’s the lowest profile option for the 100 series?

You could run the GFC universal mounts, and the RTT will sit about 3/4" off of the rack.

In the same boat with the same goal. I am going to try to ditch my rack and run the universal mounts with Gamaviti Towers.


Hey Y’all- any update available on 100 series RTT mounting?

@Landshark how did the gamiviti setup work out?

All good, no issues whatsoever.

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Copy that, looks great @Landshark, thanks for the reply.

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I love your setup and was planning to do the same to my lx470. I assume I need to get the set of 6 roof channel towers but what hardware to I need to purchase from Gamiviti regarding “rack hardware” or “crossbar hardware”? Thank you!

^ @Landshark . Idk if it makes a difference but i forgot to tag you in my question, thanks!

@GrantC I don’t really recall. Those descriptions are a bit confusing. I think I ordered just the Rack Hardware.