2” bed topper is amazing

thanks for the link. do you keep anything else up top when it’s closed?

It’s a snug fit with the topper in there, but with patience it all squishes away and allows the tent to tuck in cleanly.
I keep my gzilla rods up there, and I have a Vrnclr storage pocket mounted to the roof, that holds the pole keepers, but that is it. Under the bed I have the vnclr bedding shelf to hold my pillows and blanket/ sleeping bag.

@Medicfung any testing in the cold yet? I know memory foam tends to freeze and become a concrete slab in the cold.


No I just got my v2 a couple weeks ago and it’s roasting here is so cal.
I can report back in winter, but I dont camp in those conditions usually. It’s not that cold where I go, the activities I chose to do are in milder weather conditions

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I was thinking about replacing the cushions with something like this. how do you think it would work? is the foam soft enough that you would bottom out?

It might be too soft by itself, but there are other toppers of different firmness so maybe find the one that you prefer?

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If you lay a straight edge across the top of the camper when it’s closed, does the top bulge up in the middle?

Maybe very slightly now that I look closer, it has always shown a little tent material when closed though

ok. that’s the answer I was looking for. if anybody has found foam to replace the original please let me know

I get my V2 hopefully in a few weeks, as long as my buddy is still able to get across the Canadian Border. Maybe this has been asked before, but has anyone or is it possible to just remove the stock mattress and just have the firm base? Currently in the topper setup, a thermarest on the plywood is good enough for me. Sure would be nice to be able to have that, my sleeping bag, and thermarest pillow just setup up there.

Cheers….anxiously awaiting, but bummed that I have to install my camper myself.


yes you can. the larger cushions aren’t attached in any way to the base. the 2 smaller squares you just need unzip the cover and it comes apart easily

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Yeah you can easily remove the padding as @blackhearse said. However, if you’re fine on a thermarest you might find the stock mattress comfortable. I like it better than the mattress in my bedroom even.

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@Medicfung any chance you can add a fresh link to the foam bed topper you bought? The current one posted isn’t there anymore. Or let me know the brand?


Here ya go!

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THANK YOU!! it’s very appreciated!

You’ve removed the GFC foam and replaced it with this, correct?

No, I added it to the top of the pads it comes with then used the fitted sheets to hold it in place


I’m about to do this as well. Did you cut it slightly smaller? I heard you can flip them over when you close the camper if you trim them. So the camper compresses. Or does it compress ok with them facing up?

No i just cut to size, and i dont flip things over i leave it in place


Anyone curious about this should read my recent post on the subject.