2012 dcsb off road d.shaw

as the truck stands now

GFC black / grey - side door / ladder
pelfreybilt front bumper aluminium center hoop
pelfreybilt ifs aluminium
pelfreybilt mid skid aluminium
pelfreybilt trans skid aluminium
pelfreybilt gas skid aluminium
pelfreybilt sliders with kickout weld on
pelfreybilt high clearance rear bumper with swingout, dual jerry can / table

king shocks 2.5 coilovers with 700lb
builtright UCA
king shocks 2.5 rear remote resi
deaver U402 stage III expedition series leaf pack
timbren active offroad bumpstops front / rear with U-bolt flip kit
builtright gusseted spindles (the truck shop sd)
builtright gusseted cam pocket (the truck shop sd)
total chaos bed stiffener

CMC - the truck shop sd
exhaust reroute
arb safari snorkel
pelfreybilt battery cage
optima bluetop marine 31 battery

trail ready wheels 17
goodyear wrangler MT/R 285/70-17

baja designs 20 inch driving spot combo
baja designs sport squadron wide cornering
baja designs S2 pro (rear)

ARB CKMTA12 twin onboard compressor (chuck out front bumper)
slee offroad compressor mount
smittybilt X20 winch synthetic line
factor 55 prolink
maxtrax (black)
martin offroad GFC roofrack

scepter fuel cans
scepter water cans
helinox camp chairs
rtic cooler 45
solo stove bonfire
grill for ^^
pelican cases - multiple
flat clear-coated hood
painted things black (wheels grill etc)


i picked my GFC up november 20th and have been able to make a few trips in it as well as the drive home to san diego


Thanks for posting! Nice Build!!! Hope to see you on the trails one day!

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went camping.


@d.shaw how do you like the Deaver U402 stage 3? I’m getting ready to order a set of leaf springs and stuck between stage 2 and 3. The truck will have a very similar setup to your’s and I’m wondering how it feels around town with just the GFC and swingout vs loaded out for a trip.

personally love them - they def handle the weight when fully loaded and are not terrible when cruising around town ‘unloaded’ - fully loaded thou they are impressive - i had a dakar HD prior to these, night and day difference - this pic is them loaded 10 gallons of fuel, 10 gallons of water and all our stuff

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Are you traveling with kids (I thought I saw one in a picture). I am picking my GFC up soon and also have a DCSB. I’m wondering how you all fit back there. We’ve build a platform for the kids in the bed of the truck.

my son lives on the east coast so we recently slept the three of us up there, in sleeping bags and he is as tall as me - like 5’11. was just three nights thou, and we tried to have his head opposite to ours except didnt work when the truck wasnt really level it was totally fine. having said that he is only out west a couple times a year so -
my gf daughter is tiny so it doesnt make any real difference - and she only comes out a few times - if it becomes more frequent i will build a platform or bring a ground tent (for me clearly…) or when it is all four of us we bring ground tent. currently (until be put another camper on my gf third gen)

I have stage 3 as well and love it, my suggestion is to go with 3 you wont regret it!

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A quick spin around the neighborhood with @d.shaw convinced me of that. Headed up next week to Deaver to pick a set up.

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ahaha right - was good meeting you and i look forward to seeing where that new truck ends up

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went to the yokohama geolander MT 295/70 - 17


I recently installed Deavers Stage 3 and developed driveshaft vibrations. Anyone that has setup has any vibs? If so, what was your fix? Thanks in advance.

interesting have you tried calling deaver to see what they say ? they are pretty smart folk and friendly

I did and they said try to doing shims on the carrier bearing and/or different degrees shims under the leaf pack. I was hoping for alternative solutions, but thinking it will be the only way to get rid of the vibs

That is the only way I’ve been able to solve vibrations under typical driving conditions. The vibrations definitely dissipate when I add weight to the bed.

Thanks for the response. Hopefully with the addition of the GFC within the next weeks, it would help vibrations. I will report back and provide an update down the road.

weight might help, for sure. for me after selling my cap and before the gfc, the swingout and my pelican case that contains all my recovery gear / tools probably added enough to keep any vibrations at bay