2020 TRD Pro w/ stock suspension - rear sag solutions?

Hi there! Drove to Montana this past summer and got my v2 GFC installed on my 2020 Tacoma TRD Pro. Surprisingly, after 8 months, haven’t had any issues with the rear sagging. My bed is very open and I’ve enjoyed using it this way thus far. Wanted to get input from others with the Fox suspension to see what they have experienced.

I’m told it will sag eventually, so looking to address it proactively. It seems like everyone has a different way to go about it, but keeping it simple - if the objective is to keep the suspension as stock as possible, what is the most proven/easy way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you might just need to add a leaf to the back or get a slightly upgraded stock leaf pack to help with the weight.

You have 3 options:

  • block
  • add a leaf
  • new leaf springs

I agree with @GainzGFC that an add-a-leaf is probably all you need if you just have the GFC and the occasional camping gear or whatever.

If you haven’t noticed any sag yet you’ll probably end up with some rake, at least until the AAL settles, and possibly permanently unless further loaded. Some people are OCD about the truck being “level” but IMO a little rake is how it should be.

I used a Hellwig 550 EZ Level Helper Spring Kit on my 2015 Tacoma with a GFC. It is inexpensive (about $110 for a set) and an easy DIY. SO far it has worked great.

Is the typical load on your rear axle only the GFC?

If you wish to maintain a stock suspension (and there are good reasons for sticking with Toyota engineers’ design), maybe check out the Firestone Ride Rite air springs. Add the Daystar polyurethane cradle to preserve full articulation.

Springs added in series decreases stiffness. Springs added in parallel increases stiffness. This is why air springs are more effective than AALs for heavy load and towing applications.

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Your leaf springs shouldn’t sag/flatten that much with just the weight of GFC, especially with the TRD pro suspension. My TRD Sport leaf springs held a topper with a bunch of weight in the back (about the same as an empty GFC) without any sag for nearly 3 years before I upgraded suspension and got a lift.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I got some input from GFC and they confirmed with my current load (empty for the most part), there are minimal concerns for sagging and won’t be an issue. Helpful to see the input here and appreciate the responses!

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