2020 Tundra Double Cab Build (Adventures)

My journey with GFC began fall of 2018 when I first read about GFC. I thought about it until May 2019 when I placed my deposit for a build spot #733, estimated start date September 2020. The build was to go on my 2017 Tacoma Pro.

GFC improved production times as I expected and 15 months later, 8/13/2020 I picked up my Camper for my 2020 Tundra Double cab!

This thread will be about my build and my adventure’s. I hope to answer questions about Tundra Specific questions, provide documentation in what I add over time and some pictures of my GFC on adventures.

Here is my Tacoma setup, which is what really provided the basis for going all in with a GFC.

Last morning top less before install!


First night! Full stoke!

Thanks Taylor for the recommendation for Breakfast, Western was very good!

Had a great trip out and back to Oregon!

More to come about suspension, solar install, fridge, awnings and more adventures!


Modifications on Tundra so far

Tires Falken Wildpeaks 285/75/18
Method Roost wheels

Front Fox 2.5 front
Diff Drop
Sway bar drop bracket
Rear OME Dakar Leafs
Fox 2.0 rear shocks

Lift settled in at:
Front 41 3/4” ground to fender front
Back 43” in back
After install back dropped to 41 3/4”

Probably load CFX fridge and all my typical camping gear, awnings, fridge and measure this Friday prior to trip. I think I will need to add an Add A leaf?

Added solar Goal Zero 100w panel, not sold on rack height yet may try to get the same brackets as @WVTRDPro?

I need to figure out if I want to run wiring through panel with cable gland or go down and punch through the access hole in bed? Going to plug into Goal Zero in bed.

Here’s the panel on roof.

Installing CVT awnings back and passenger side tonight.

Install additional crossbar on back as well.

Thanks and thoughts on add a leaf or other options, wiring, brackets are welcome.

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Wiring Third brake light 2020 Tundra

Remove top and bottom bolts.

Threaded wiring under bed rail there is a hole.

Then connected the provide wiring:

negative black/red to black/white wire on bottom brake light

Positive Solid red to blue wire going to light plug. DO NOT connect to green this only turns third light on with lights not when applying brake.

Should have taken picture of connections but there under the waterproof 3m rubber tape.

Awnings—CVT front and back

Installed CVT pioneer awnings 55” and 79”

Used the GFC universal mount on passenger side with supplied mounting hardware

Used Leitner Design awning mount kit for rear with 1/4 20 bolts and GFC track nuts

Used Awnings on trip this last week to Sawtooth’s. Setup was easy with two people.

270 would be great but this is working good for now.


** next install leafs and Rigd**

7 DAY Camping Trip—1st extend stay
Pros and Things to think About for permanent setup

Stayed 7 days at Redfish Lake used camp spot as home base for hiking and paddle boarding.


  • Ladder
  • Windows both on the rear and front
  • Added Doors on both sides of tent
  • Ability to go in from bottom to have dog jump off fridge
    Translucent roof, like the light in the morning

Things to figure out:

Condensation when it’s low teens, frozen breath on tent walls and roof. Tried pocket windows open only, tried back door with pocket windows and side door. Both result in frozen condensation, not horrible but did cause sleeping bags to get wet.

Zippers, Tent when closed the zipper on side doors is rubbing on tent material creating pin holes. Temporary fix added Bungee to pull in side doors Tight when closing. Eliminated the issue seems the stiff zippers on new design may not lay flat When closing without help?

Mattress, well documented on its own thread but yeah it’s stiff!! 2-3 days not a problem, 6 nights It was similar to backpacking, hope your so tired you pass out!

Really that’s about it other than hinges which I plan to replace next summer!

So far trips have been great, setup and tear down was easy!

Adding add a leaf for my Dakar leaf packs tomorrow. Full tank of gas and gear is creating about an 1” of sag.

Pics of camp:

One last picture on the way out Saturday of little Redfish before I headed back to Oregon.


Nice pics of an awesome looking truck! Do you think the rear awning, more specifically the awning brackets you used will work with the new hinge? Thanks

@RamBam thanks! good question on the new hinge. I think I can go up one more track if I need too. It will be close. I hope to get new hinges next summer unless I have a failure.

Bonus of rear awning is a place to set shoes on awning cover!

Thanks for replying! I didn’t even think about using the awning as a shoe holder, love it! I’m pumped on copying your rear awning, thanks for sharing!

There are two sides to the foam - one is softer than the other. Took me a few nights to figure that out. Unzip the cushion and you can feel which one is softer (I can’t remember which colour is which).


Thanks! I’ll check it for sure.