2021 ford ranger third brake light

Anyone have any insight on installing the third brake light connection on a 2021 ranger? I am absolutely useless when it comes to this and could use a little help. More specifically, which wire do I tap. Thanks!

Following because i have the same question. Do you have the LED tailights with BLIS?

I will try to pull my tail light and look at which wire i tapped into tomorrow.
I have the blis and led.
2021 ranger tremor

That would be awesome! Thanks

I just did this last week on my '19 ranger, stock led lights with blind spot. The ranger hasn’t seen a true update yet so 2019 should be same as current. Got this diagram off ranger5g and worked like a charm. This is labelled as a left tail light but it seemed to be flipped horizontally for me, so pay attention to the layout in regards to where the clip and the empty positions are. If I remember correctly, the positive at position two was red, and the ground at one just next to it was black. Open your tailgate and remove the two screws with a socket wrench on the inside of the taillight, then pull straight back on the outer edge of the taillight. Don’t be gentle; it sticks hard, especially the top clip. You have to strip the conduit back a bit to access the cables but it’s easy to push back in place once you’re done; I’d recommend some electrical tape to add back in some weather protection. Here’s the original 5g post which was for a softtopper: https://www.ranger5g.com/forum/threads/third-brake-light-for-softopper.6784/



Beat me to it, thanks for saving me pulling my break light housing to check it again!

I was waiting to see who was gonna post this! @aglissmann, I was about to go pull mine apart to see as well! I personally drilled a small enough hole for the wire near the top, and inside the bed, of the tail light. Added a drop of silicone to seal the rest of the hole and everything works like a charm.

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Got it wired up! Thanks everyone.

Here are pics using the gfc supplied taps.

Red and black at the far corner of the brake light bracket. Followed the diagram provided above.


Followed what everyone else did and it worked out perfectly…thanks!