2021 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Build

Just placed the order for my GFC #3009

Vehicle Details:
Sting Grey Diesel
3.5’ Lift - Mostly Teraflex
Method Wheels
37 x 12.50 Maxxis Razr MT’s


Congrats on your order JTRUBI. Glad to see more Gladiators getting the ultimate mod in the form of a GFC. What state are you in? Red Lodge MT for me.

Is your 3.5" list in addition to the 2" Rubicon lift, or total?

2021 Gladiator Rubicon
Firecracker Red/Black fenders and top- 6 speed manual (endangered species)
No Mods yet other than graphics
Dare Ya Red GFC on the assembly cart!
#2674 (Dec 30, 2021 install) Ever notice how time slows down the closer your install date gets??!!

Love it! We almost went red camper! Might get some extra panels for fun…

More fun mods to come :call_me_hand:


Sting Grey Mojave, GFC #1414, it’s been a lot of fun.

I have a red Tacoma and was talked out of the red panels at the last minute. I think it would look great


Yes 3.5" in addition to the stock Rubicon Diesel suspension.

We’re in Boise Idaho now, but lived in Billings for 10 years. We have camped all around the Red Lodge area.

ELEV8T, I’ll also be getting my V2 installed on 12/30. 2021 Gladiator Rubicon, Sting Grey, manual transmission with a 2.5” EVO lift & King Shocks on 37’s. Look forward to seeing you there.

What time is your appointment? Mine is at 4PM but plan to be around a couple hours early.

9am is my installation start time. Good luck & enjoy your gladiator & gofast. Hopefully our paths will cross.

Best regards,


Didn’t see your build picture in the gallery, have any to share?
Where are you located in Idaho?

I should probably call this my V2 build……………

Here’s some background

My wife drove the new Gladiator home from the dealer and backed it into my shop with 18 miles on it and I started the suspension upgrades. The diesel was a little tricky to get the springs correct since no one made diesel specific springs when I started. I ended up with Teraflex 4.5" front springs (with the extra weight of the diesel it’s at 3.5") and Clayton off-road (Higher spring rate than the Teraflex I started with) springs in the rear for the extra weight of the mid height rack, RTT, fridge and gear. I didn’t even drive it stock once.

We have truly enjoyed the functionality of the Gladiator and completed several Jeep Badge of honor trails in 2021. Fins & Things, Hells Revenge, Ophir Pass, Imogene Pass, Engineer Pass, Poughkeepsie Gulch, I wasn’t able to complete Black bear since it wasn’t open due to snow during our trip. I’ll definitely be going back to Moab and Ouray.

After spending 25+ nights in the Roofnest Condor on the bed rack we have a much better idea of what works for us and the short comings of the old set up

  1. Secure / Weatherproof storage – Need more!
  2. Extra space for the Dog and his stuff - Especially when it rains… Clothes / bedding goes in trash bags in the bed to make room for him in the backseat.
  3. The Condor tent is very nice and we enjoyed it except you can’t leave any bedding in that style of RTT. Sleeping bags, pillows, clothes ect had to be kept inside, taking up most of the back seat area of the Gladiator.
  4. Concerns about the longevity of the Dometic fridge in the bed. It stayed pretty dry under the tent, but everything gets crazy dirty in the bed off-road.
  5. My wife didn’t like climbing up the ladder into the tent and she will feel more secure with no ladder access when sleeping.

So we made a trip to Belgrade and checked out the GFC solution. We were immediately impressed with the functionality and engineering. When we got home I sold the RTT and I’ll post the rack in the spring.

Looking forward to this year’s adventures in the GFC!

A few pictures of the old set up


Stanley Idaho


Toquerville Falls Utah

Hells Revenge Moab


I had to punt on my installation due to a death in the family. I’m rescheduling and will post a few pictures once I have the camper installed. I’m in the Boise area and explore primarily the Rockies with a fly rod in hand.

That’s a bummer sorry for your loss
It would be nice to see your Gladiator some time, I’m in Boise as well

Man I am stoked to see your build out! I have my 2022 Sting Gray JTR on order for March and GFC install the same month. We’re actually picking the Jeep up in Idaho from Peterson Jeep and trekking over to Montana for the GFC on the same trip. Then exploring Idaho for the next 10ish days! The wife and I are planning on moving up to Boise as soon as I get out of the Navy down here in SD. Seems like we may have a Idaho GFC Gladiator group on the rise!

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Look for this rig around Red Lodge, Bighorns, Yellowstone, and everywhere else. Anyone interested in a GFC SWARM for the opening of the Beartooth Pass this Memorial Day Weekend? (May 28-30). Some drone footage of a caravan of GFCs going thru the snow tunnels would be amazing. Also, I am looking to hook up with any GFC owner interested in archery for the Big Sky Total Archery Challenge (no dates set for 2022 yet).


Looking good!

I’m still a couple of months out. March 17th install date.

I’m a few days after you, March 20th. Leaving out of Boise for the install, maybe we’ll pass each other! lol

Well, I finally got her installed today. Obligatory photo @ Varney Bridge. The rainbows were cooperative today. Thanks Mike for fitting me into the schedule.

The build so far is 2.5” EVO lift, King shocks, Fifteen52 Analogs and 37” BFG AT’s. More to come.


Looking good!
Hope to see it running around town

Did you notice any changes in fuel economy with the GFC?

Wind noise?

When do you pick up the new Gladiator?
Leaving it stock or having them do some work on it before delivery?
Peterson’s usually has a few lifted jeeps on the lot.

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