2022 Ford Ranger Tremor | @mtoverland

2022 Ford Ranger Tremor

  • [ ] ICON stage 8 lift kit w/billet UCA and finned reservoirs

  • [ ] Hellwig rear swaybar

  • [ ] ARB Summit front and rear bumpers, skid plate kit, recovery point and side steps with rock rail protection,

  • [ ] 2 Baja Design LP9s, set squadron pro ditch with SDHQ bracket, S2 reverse lights

  • [ ] warn Xeon 10s winch with Winch control relocate

  • [ ] ARB twin compressor and air tank located in bed or spare tire location and plumbed to rear bumper

  • [ ] Icon Rebound alloys and Mickey thompson Baja A/T tires

  • [ ] Midland GMRS 50 watt radio

  • [ ] Tailgate dampener

  • [ ] Kinsmen hardware awning and Shower cube and shower floor ( coming soon)

  • [ ] Mountain hatch tailgate insert cutting board

  • [ ] Rigd tire swing-out with drop table

  • [ ] Underland Offroad front wall Molle panel

  • [ ] Matt Gecko camper led light set

  • [ ] Overland soft goods camper sheets/1 in Matress pad

  • [ ] Expedition essentials traction board holder(coming soon)

  • [ ] Baja design rock lights and 3 scene lite’s

  • [ ] Backup camera relocated


@MTOVERLAND What kind of mileage are you getting with the MT’s ?

Considering Falken ATw3 in 255/70 r18 load C for my Ranger. Want something for snow, decent on highways, but most of my offroading is on forest roads in the Northeast. I don’t need a rock crawler

Btw, been looking at this to calibrate my speedometer afterwards 15-20 F150 / 19-22 Ranger Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator 742502 Assume it’s cheaper than paying the dealer?

you can get Forscan and do a crap ton more stuff than just adjusting your speedo. for example when you turn on high beams, the fog lights turn off. with forscan you can change them to stay on. that alone is worth price of admission


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Will research, thanks @blackhearse

This is one beautiful build!!! Thanks for sharing.

Happy trails… Scott

Beautiful build! Quick question. How did you relocate the backup camera? Appreciate any help.

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Right now I’m getting a little over 14 mpg. Camera source is the website for backup camera relocation

Have you weighed it fully loaded on a scale yet?

I don’t want to step on MToverland’s build by posting my truck photos here. I used a rostra backup camera, info here

@MTOVERLAND thanks! I’m still getting 18-19mpg on the highway most of the time. I think I’ll stick with Load C’s for now, and not go too big, and I wonder if my builder helped me when he did the rear diff Dana gearing when he installed the ARB air locker for me. With Load C’s, I’ll just have to avoid trails with sharp rocks.

Anyway, your rig looks bada$$. Nice to see more Rangers getting tricked out.

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No not yet I still have a couple of items to install then. I will weigh in.