3d Printed tent awning rods?

So after seeing all of the fun everyone has with 3D printing and getting a couple files to print I picked up a Ender 3… Then I got to thinking, I don’t really want to pay $225 for the Gzilla brackets and started searching. It doesn’t look like anyone makes anything that is 3d printed but figured why not there are others out there for other tents already DIY Rooftop Tent Rod Kit - Etsy

  • teaching myself all of this 3D modeling and printing has been fun… going to try a few test prints of my Tinkercad designed GFC Awning rod holders today… pics to come…

This whole thread is just because I want to document what people like @jedgar have caused me to spend time playing around with the 3D printing world…


Awesome @ScottH ! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Let me know if I can help in any way!

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Spent most of the day getting this thing dialed in and printed the first prototype.

Think I may have gone to high on the infill. I will get some pics posted once I have another printed and a couple of ends… it’s going to be a trial and error process and you are all along for the ride.


Get a 3d printer they said, it will be fun they said… 2.5 days later and I finally got the flow correct, the extruder temp correct, the bed temp correct and a version 2.4 of my awning rod bracket printed…

Now for a couple of tweaks, wait for my track nuts to show up and test things out…


Ok, I have a print that I like the fit of everything. The fiberglass pole has a slight angle outward to keep the awning taunt side to side and is vertical to keep the awning taunt out (using the flex of the pole). Currently printing the other pole end to attach to the canvas. When I am done will post files up for free or print at cost for people who want some.

Printing in PETG for uv resistance…


Awesome of you to share the files! Thanks and great work.

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So much trial and error… so many things to take into consideration. For those who love technical stuff 3d printing is for you. For those who don’t like worrying about the thickness of each layer, melting temps, volume coming from a nozzle, speed of print arm movement, ya might just want to appreciate some of the stuff the 3d printing gurus do…

Anyhow went through a couple versions more of my pole to gfc mount hopefully the one printing now will do the trick for testing this weekend.

Also went through some different methods of attaching the pole to the door as it is out and finally landed on this due to it’s all in one nature… no extra clip needed as it is the clip.


Nice you are getting fancy! Looking cool. Think of all you are learning though! Haha

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Well for those of you who are following this Saga… LEVEL YOUR 3D printer bed. Also learning the correct fan speeds to get things to not warp or whatever is a pain in the butt…

That said I have a couple of sets created and hopefully the weather will hold out enough for me to get them on and tested today in the driveway (wind, snow, rain doesn’t make me want to hang out in the driveway setting up something that will just let that stuff into my tent haha)…

If you are interested in the STL files send me a PM or whatever and I will send them your way… Once I have had a chance to test them out more if anyone wants a set and doesn’t have a 3D printer I can easily print out a few and send them out for like $20 or something like that… Maybe Jedgar will start putting them on his site for sale or something who knows


@ScottH I will take a set of the blocks and clips. Happy to donate to your stellar efforts, contribution and time.

What are the dimensions on the tent pole and where did you source that?

Feel free to message me the payment details.

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I might be interested as well. Don’t have a printer.

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The rod I am using is a 3/8 fiberglass rod that the HOA was using to mark for plowing the neighborhood.

I have a couple changes I am going to make now that I have played with it a bit. (The gear style pole holders work but also suck to work with). Haven’t determined the perfect length of pole yet either but luckily that is a easy change.

Also thinking of increasing the outward pole cant to make things tighter.


Update… new toggle style and different angle work better. Also need a much higher infill % than I had done before on the pole to alligator clip ends… experimentation continues… again those who are interested I can hook ya up once I get things dialed in a bit more


Nice work, always fun to make it your own.
On my RTT I sold, that was one thing I liked was the ability to keep the windows open in weather. Thanks for posting your progress

Kinda stuck… I think my 100% infill ends and new angle is perfect… but currently everytime I try to print things are going sideways and haven’t had enough time to figure out exactly what the problem with my 3d printer is. 3d printing is fun…

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Someone needs to sell these on etsy. The price of shitco/Gzilla is ridiculous.

There’s no need to make them out of aluminum, all that is needed is plastic blocks like this; especially since it’s not used that often.

Let me know once you perfect these and I’ll be your first customer assuming it’s not $85 :laughing:

My wife said the same about Etsy. I may do that for people who don’t have a 3d printer or just here since Venmo is easy enough for most people. I think part of the gzilla Cost is the t nuts and the rods to be honest (t nuts ain’t cheap)

Hopefully I have my printer figured out in the next day or so and can get a couple more busted out

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Again - put me in line :slight_smile:

I already purchased a whole bunch of the t nuts from gzilla but cannot justify an aluminum rod holder for this purpose, just seems such overkill. Glad someone like you is pursuing something like this, esp for others without a 3d printer, or options.

I can’t find his build anymore, but one forum member just took blocks of uhmw or some other hard plastic, and mounted them on the sides in the rear and just drilled a straight hole for the rods. Made it really simple with no need to machine an angled hole.

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Look into putting printed parts into oven to temper them and make a bit stronger. Printed parts don’t have a lot of strength straight out of the printer but you can make them stronger. I have been breaking parts after a bit of use unless I do this.

Also - if you can swing it, ASA is a really good uv stable filament. Like ABS it’s an intermediate material versus PVA tho and may require an enclosure and heated bed.

Have fun!

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