#821 hinges replaced-thanks

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I want to thank GFC for their effort to replace my V1 hinges with embassy hinges. Calder coordinated the time and place via email, Simion did the replacement and GFC owners on Cape Cod, unfortunately whose name I don’t know, provided the fully equipped space. Thank you all. We went from there to spend 4 days on the coast in Maine and our GFC is perfect for us. We have #821 and it was installed Oct 1, 2020. We had a hinge failure this summer and I posted the problem on the forum shortly thereafter. Calder contacted me to see if we could make it to Brewster,MA on the weekend of September 19. We were able and now we are back to fully functioning.


That’s awesome. Glad it worked out for you @Tod

GFC’s response to the polyolefin hinge issue was a huge part about why I felt good about making my initial deposit.

Glad to see they are fixing. My first hinge broke in June. They were in SoCal when the hinge broke but didn’t have time for me and told me they would get me next time around. Now all 3 hinges are broken and I am still waiting. I am #523 or something.

Waiting to get mine done soon. Excited it may happen in Bend, gonna email GFC for an update.

No shirt, no shoes, no service :rofl: #377