What's up with new hinges

If I have to leave my bikes I put them in the bed of the truck and lock them to the frame of the GFC with thick chains. Cover the windows too.


I like the sound of that. Completely removing all vestiges of the Dread Living Hinge can only be a good thing.

I hope MagicMike isn’t choking on too much smoke.


Same, though not chains, just simple cables… Was clearly not sufficient.

Stellar work. Way to stand by your product… I’m glad I bought a GFC. Look forward to your future endeavors and giving you more of my money.


Sorry about your bikes. I learned that lesson a month ago…some turd decided to pull open the tailgate. Fortunately, the the bed was empty but the funny/not funny thing was, the panel was unlocked, and the window was actually clean for once - whomever it was could have just looked inside and walked on…Now I lock everything.


When you say “rip open the tailgate”, do you mean the tailgate was locked and they somehow pried it open? Sorry this happened to you. :frowning:

Oh no, I apologize for the implied violent description. All they did was pull the dust flap off a bit, which in itself was frustrating, but not by breaking into the tailgate. I should probably edit the post…lol

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Looking forward to the new hinges (#24 I think) and the upgraded awning mounts are a win!

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Mike installed the new hinges on my camper yesterday and they look great!

Thank you Mike for such quality work and for the PIT driving out to address this issue. Yes, new awning mounts are a bonus! Mike got my camper all taken care of and I’m taking the family back down to Baja in a few weeks! Thank you Mike and GFC! - Noah


Did you have to let them know ahead of time that you needed the new awning brackets or did Mike have a bunch with him to swap out?

GFC saw that I had ordered brackets and they were sent to me via mail and arrived about a week before the PIT.

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Thanks Noah, think I’ll shoot them an email.

FYI now that we have the updated awning brackets in stock, Mike is bringing these with him on the PIT for anyone that previously purchased the older style brackets.


The new hinges are a huge improvement. The whole panel flexes less and feels more solid opening and closing. It is great being able to use the side doors again when camping. It almost feels like a new camper.

Nothing is guaranteed but I am very confident in these compared to the old plastic versions.


Driver side plastic hinge
You lived a good life, though brief. Through the rain, you kept my panel up so I could stay dry. In the heat, you provided a nice breeze. In the winter, a warm place to sleep. And once, in a public parklinglot, you once shielded me from onlookers so I could shamelessly take an emergency dump.

RIP, you are forever in our hearts.


All jokes aside, good timing I suppose - 4 weeks before my out west adventure. Looks like I’ll be detouring through Bozeman again for hinge replacement. I knew it was coming at some point!


Made the long drive to rendevous with the PIT. Although mine look good, I figured it was better to get the hinges taken care of in a controlled manner than waiting for them to fail on a trip, in the rain, with stuff to steal in the rear, no tools, etc etc. Take that, Murphy’s Law!

Thanks, Chris! And thank you to the family who offered up their home!


I got my hinges replaced in Bozeman end of September and tied it into my already planned out west trip, albeit a huge detour to Moab via Bozeman from Louisville. My side hinge broke about a month before my trip and my rear door broke days before I had to leave. I want very pumped about the trip out there with all my shit in the back! Haha
Anyways, super impressed with how GFC handled it. Was nervous the few weeks leading up to it because I hadn’t heard from anyone to confirm dates again at GFC (they did confirm dates at initial contact, but right before my trip, my paranoid self wanted to double check dates-that’s when I got no response), so my buddy and I pushed a hard 26+hr drive to arrive a day early in case things weren’t on target. Showed up on a Sunday, a day early, and they had lots of people working there and doing installs. Chris is the man, he was able to squeeze in my warranty work a day early on the spot. The new hinges are really nice and Chris was swift with the work. Faith in GFC restored. I also picked up a V2 fabric with side doors for my camper and it’s freakin’ mint. It made 2 weeks of camping and wheeling like a dream.


You like the black fabric? I wanna upgrade to the double side doors but have been hesitant bc of the color.

I have the black fabric in my V1 camper as well. Camped in it a ton this summer - Didn’t notice a difference temp wise at all.

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The black definitely gets hot quick in direct sun, but flipping open the vents immediately cools things down. The black is nice for winter mornings.

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