9mm pistol storage inside tent

I don’t ever carry firearms, but I can see an occasion to carry my 9mm pistol and possibly store it in the tent with the wife and I while sleeping. Dispersed camping in the Gila Wilderness comes to mind. Anyone do this? Any suggestions? I’d most certainly want to store it unloaded in a secure place. I’m trolling for a place that two sleepers wouldn’t come into contact with it, but would allow quick access to it if needed.


I have a V1 camper and V2 tent with no attachments nor pockets, btw…

I’ve been pondering the same thing recently. The two options I’ve thought of are: under the large cushion towards the “nose” of the tent or somehow secured to the underside of the composite over hang in the bed. In the latter location, you would have to remove a cushion to access it, but it would eliminate the potential for accidental contact with it in the sleeping space.


velcro a holster to the ceiling?


secure it inside a vrnclrsewnstorage top shelf. bonus of it providing extra storage for other things and not obvious to anyone - just a thought

$165? what’s that include

Right. My thoughts exactly. Nothing against all of their stuff. I love the triangle bags too. The prices though… damn.


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I got a roll up dump pouch from blue ridge overland gear and hang it from the webbing loop on the drivers side tent door and put my keys, headlamp , other junk in my pockets. And sometimes my pistol.
Keeps thing up off the bed and out of the way.

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yeah - i get it. its that ‘one man band’ small business making products he designed for his own gfc, to make his experience better, using high quality stuff, for a niche market. he is also a great guy those frame bags are really handy, we run them so they are accessible on the inside, they are spendy - but we make them birthday or christmas gifts etc.


I’ve slept in my camper many nights with my Glock 19 in it’s holster up by my head. I just keep it off to the side and it’s been no problem.


“unloaded and secured” and “quick access” tend to become mutually exclusive.
The few times I do carry in the tent I just keep it in a kydex holster near my pillow so the trigger is covered and it takes a deliberate action to remove. Anyone that would share the tent with me has basic firearms training as well.
I kinda like the idea of a pouch or holster secured to the roof with strong Velcro or 3M DualLock.


I carry mine in a concealed pouch, loaded in condition 3, stores under my pillow in my RTT. I can’t see it being different with the GFC. Always within reach, loaded just no round in the chamber so you have to rack the slide before you point and shoot.
Bottom line, train. Train. Then train more.


If I am solo I just click on the Mic holster and just put it in the corner up by my head. If the family is in the tent I usually just leave it down below for the night.

The slogan right off the front page of their website, “The World’s Not That Scary. Go See”


Not sure what you’re getting at exactly, but listen. I’m no fear the world, concealed carry, bum rush the capitol type dude. A bear or mountain cat may need a little scare while I’m fishing 5 miles up river in a narrow canyon. That’s my motivation. Figured I might as well safely keep the gun in the tent with me. Believe me, I know the world isn’t that scary.




Also fits under your front seat. Just loop the cable around seat frame under the seat when traveling or camper frame when camping.

Can store large framed semi auto’s with a light such as a Glock 20. Large framed revolvers over 4" barrel will not fit.

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Kydex holster, under pillow, or next to you. I’ve always slept with a pistol in my tent. Never been an issue. Can’t see the need to unload it and zip it away anywhere…kinda defeats the purpose. Guns don’t just go bang. Keep it holstered and all is well.


Something like these work well.
I have a baby glock in a soft holster that is comfortable under the pillow.

Here’s what we came up with for a tent storage solution. This is a our prototype “Tent Console”. It is fully modular with a center panel and two side panels. You can choose between several accessory panels when you order yours. Personal protection can be concealed in one of our large zippered pockets or kept at the ready in an open pocket, your choice. We are a small shop located in western Colorado. This photo is of the tent console mounted in my GFC. The red sheets are made from a high quality fleece and available in several colors. A scene lighting system will be available, too. The red lights in this picture are rechargable and removable from the console to be used in different places around the camper (They have several modes… 780 lumen flashlight, red and bright white side panels and attach using rare earth magnets). I’ve been developing a suite of products that are intended to enhance the camping experience in our GFC’s.

We hope to have our website live by the end of next week… fingers crossed!