Accessory Request:

With all of Hondo Garages bad ass robots would you @GFC be interested in developing a simple attachment that goes on the rear of the top extrusion with a easily removable strap to help pull down the tent when open?
I really hate pulling down on the sides. Snaps usually come undone and I don’t want to keep promoting any fabric issues if I don’t have to.


How about some awning brackets for the rear that will fit the extrusion, be offset for corner bracket and slide pin. I have a ~55" awning that fits neatly between the corner brackets on my XL unit. I may try to fabricate my own brackets but if GFC comes up with some it would be excellent.

I’ll take one. I saved a photo of the one you already made for your camper, haha. Planned on making one sometime.

You got a photo of what you’re using currently, @ace7196? I definitely wince a little bit every time I close the tent as well.

I bought a 1inch sea to summit strap. I thread it around the rear tube and hook it together before deploying the tent. Then use the strap to pull the tent down. Keep it attached to a cargo hook in the truck bed when not it use.

I would forget to attach it every time.

I do basically the same thing but with a paracord loop. Make the loop long enough so when tent is about a foot away from being closed you can get your foot in the loop and really apply some downward pressure. Makes closing tent a breeze.

It takes a fair amount of pressure to close mine, but I have the 1st gen tent fabric with the thicker cushions. Just the last inch or so is the hard part.


Does anyone here have CAD models or cross section drawing for the extensions? It would be awesome if there was a shared space we could collaborate on accessories designs…like a Dropbox or Google Drive folder where we could post parts. I wish there was a Github, but for 3D models…

How about a tent lock? I remember talk on a locking system in the works.


Was looking through my junk pile yesterday and found this Switch-Pros Mount they send with it that I didn’t use.
Not sure it’s going to be thick enough but I’m gonna give it a shot.
I think I have a strap I can re-purpose too and just tuck it inside when I close the tent like I’ve been doing with the paracord strap I made.


Mehhh. Need to make a new one out of my other piece. Didn’t drill holes straight and cut it too short.
I have no idea how that happened considering I was 60 miles away from my GFC when I cut it out and didn’t measure anything. Haha.


The top is too short to catch as well as I want it to when tightened down.
I just close the strap inside.

Oh, and for my last excuse…
I did it using no vice out of my work van in a parking lot. Haha.

I like it. I’m not very handy though, so I’m thinking about going with something like this.

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has anyone made any type of locking latch or bolt on-able latch for the tent portion? i live in a city and i’d like to make it semi-difficult for someone on the street to just randomly pop it open. i usually just leave the bed empty with my current cap on it and leave the side doors unlocked. i’d love to do the same but have the tent section locked down.

it seems like something really basic like a bracket that bridges the T slots or something would be pretty straightforward? i guess maybe i just talked myself through that ha…

Been talk of it, but I haven’t seen anyone post up any pictures. I thought about doing it and think easiest way would be a couple of stainless cleats mounted to the t slots and use a long shanked padlock. not totally secure as the screws for the cleats would be exposed. Best I could come up with would be a stainless lockable door hasp, problem would be lining up the mounting screws with the t slots. Would have to get some accurate measurements between the the t slots and then search for something that would be close and do a bit of modification. That’s when I lost interest, so if you find a way that works please let us know.

Ah great, thanks for the reply!

Yeah I kinda followed the same train of thought.

Even considered maybe something like a small bracket or two I just screw on and off each time I head out for a trip. Could use “theft proof” head bolts for the nuts or something. Would be a slight pain, but might do the trick temporarily until someone comes up with a sexier solution.

Unscrew the bolts used to secure the locking pins and replace them with a security bolt, the ones with weird head designs that require specific socket designs. Easy, fairly cheap and when you’re ready to camp you just take them out at home and replace them with the originals. Sure, they aren’t “locked” but your average guy on the street won’t have the equipment to get in and the guy that does would get in no matter what kind of lock you used.


I’m giving one of these a try. It wouldn’t stop a determined thief but would discourage the casual thief or prankster. Two of them would double the effort.