Accessory Request:

Great idea! Simple yet effective.

Has anyone thought about a free-standing awning that attaches to the top side of the back of the tent to provide some shelter to the door? I’m thinking two arms, one attached to each side of the tent that swing out with some fabric between them.


@ace7196 Any photos of that setup?


excuse my ignorance please as i get my camper in a few weeks so i haven’t seen the locking pins.

how would replacing the heads on the bolts change how the tent opens?

wouldn’t that just make the locking mechanisms themselves harder to steal? (again, i have no idea what i’m talking about as i haven’t seen them in person. just curious.)

If you change the head to a lock bolt style you wouldn’t be able to easily loosen it and slide the locking pin open to pop the top.

How about something like this with a padlock. Just need to replace the bottom screws with some security screws.

Or maybe something like this.


Where’d you find these latches?

Amazon look up locking toggle latch.

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put one of these in the track…

the o-ring is a quick disconnect and can be removed easily when the top is shut… before you pop the top, put a strap on the o-ring that will help you pull down the top when open.

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As a heads up. The mount has tapered holes so the bolt head can be flush. The eye ring attachment needs to slide in there so the gfc bolts do not work. I found some extra bolts laying around and cut them to length. Tightened the bolts to the gfc track nuts then but off the excess. Fit great after that.

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it was dark last night when i installed it and dark when i left for work this morning… i’ll try to grab a shot later today.

i have a strap i will have attached to the quick release ring to aid in pulling down the wedge so i’m not pulling on the tent canvas

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Here’s the strap mount


Bolts I had in the random bolt drawers. Matched with the gfc t-nuts.

another option for a pull down… tie down ring like this, paired with a strap and carabiner for quick attach/detach

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Rain gutters for the front corners would be a great accessory. Bolt to the extrusion, but extend down, under and in front of the front corner, then run back a foot so so. Eliminate the waterfall on the back door.



Fab up some sweet accessories for the Ford boxlink! Could be a sweet attachment point for a flight deck…

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This! Yes! Please!

I like!

how about t nuts that utilize larger hardward so we’re not using tiny 10-32 bolts to attach accessories…


I can’t find a great reference for a stainless #10 bolt, but multiple sources are showing other grades of carbon steel bolts of 0.19" diameter having both tensile and shear strength >1000lbs.

Are you worried about the bolt breaking?

having the awning mount t nuts available on the website would be a good option even. i’m putting an awning off the back, the GFC awning mounts don’t work back there, but the Leitner Designs mounts do… just need a way to attach the mounts. those small t nuts and 10-32 bolts do not give much comfort for long-term strength.