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Hey all, question:

I’m adding our camper to our auto insurance, and the underwriters want to see a serial number stamped or etched somewhere on the GFC. Having never undertaken anything like that before, I’m at a loss for ideas. I’m just going to use our GFC order number, but I’m interested in the easiest, permanent way to add it to the camper. Ideas?

If it were mine I’d etch the bare anodized aluminum to not mess up any powder coated surface. The rear locking lugs (on the fixed portion) have a flat area that’s easily accessible with an etching pen with the top up and can’t be seen with it closed or from the ground really at all.

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State Farm told me it didn’t need a serial number. It also doesn’t fall under my auto insurance but rather my personal property/renters insurance.
So basically if u were in a vehicle accident the truck would be covered under my insurance but any and all aftermarket would be covered under the personal property insurance.
I would have to pay two $500 deductibles.

I’m sure you could always use a drimel and etch it into the frame some place or have a nice metal tag made and rivet it on maybe?

@crazysccrmd , Is this where you’re talking about (the flat spot between the two pieces)?

That or the horizontal flat area exposed when you open the tent, directly right of the locking handle in your picture.

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Interesting. We’re with State Farm, and our local agent said the underwriters definitely wanted to see a serial number.

A serial number is on my short list right now of things to add.

If you were to stamp or engrave a serial number (your unit number is perfect for that), the hinge wouldn’t be a bad spot to do it.

The location we are planning to place the number plate is inside the front of the camper on the bottom extrusion. So basically where the mattress would butt right up to it.

I wonder if state farm would be ok with a sticker with a permanent marking of the serial number as a placeholder? We do plan to retroactively send out these metal tags retroactively to our customers once we finalize the design.



I wanted to follow up on this thread. State Farm is wanting my serial number for the camper. @GFC did you all ever start making the campers with a serial number on the space frame?

@2ayne State Farm is actually putting this on my auto insurance policy. I asked my agent about whether it would need to go on renters insurance or something similar. He reached out to two underwriters and decided putting it on my auto insurance was the best idea. It will make my premium go up about $15 every six months. But the camper will be fully insured.


Dude. I was just about to look for this thread again and comment because I’ve been re-working my insurance since I recently purchased my first home.
When I first spoke with State Farm they told me it would be covered under my personally property insurance but the lady yesterday told me otherwise just as you just said.
They added the GFC to my auto as well. Said it would go up around $15 for 6 months as well. Haha.


My insurance (Safeco) just took the build number as the serial number. Didn’t seem worried that it was not engraved somewhere on the camper.

Still want to keep this thread alive, @GFC any update on serial numbers?


@GFC_Mike throwing this out to you as well.

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@Mike_GFCUSA @GFC @GFC_Adam @GFC-Matthias @GFC_Taylor @WileyDavis anyone got any update on this?

You can order a serial number plate on line and have them put your order number on it.


USAA took my order number as my serial number too, and I told them it may possibly change too and they said it wouldn’t be a problem. Only bumped me up $6 a month!

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Howdy. We’re working on something to remedy this!

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Will this be retroactive to existing GFC owners?

What about those like me who aren’t 100% sure of their unit #?

I may just put a decal of my serial number on the camper. :man_shrugging:


Mind blowing they haven’t done this yet.

You could email GFC or go to the leaderboard, find your name and your build number will be right there.